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About the Club and Cricket Department:

Greetings from BC Attaching Cricket Club [BATCC], affiliated to Ball-Club Attaching e.V., Freising. It gives us immense pleasure to introduce you to our “Cricket Club”, based on the interest shown by you to join us over various Social Media and Communication channels. Further, We would take this opportunity to keep you informed about the processes involved when it comes to join our cricket department and in general the Ball-Club Attaching e.V., Freising.
BATCC is a Cricket Department enrolled and affiliated to Ball-Club Attaching e.V. situated at Am Sportplatz 3, 85356 Freising. BATCC as an emerging sports department under Ball-Club Attaching e.V. has been involved with the Parent club since the Year 2020.
We are an “Official Youth Centre of Excellence for Cricket” in Ober-Bayern from 2023. What it means, your kids and/or your friends’ kids can also come and be a part our club, and groom the young buddies as future “Cricketers” and play the “Gentleman’s Game. Additional details can be discussed. Apart from Cricket, the Parent Club (Ball-Club Attaching e.V.) has facilities like but not limited to Lawn Tennis, Football, Baseball, etc. allowed to each of its member or their families, under separate department specific annual subscription model and membership protocols.

Fees and Membership:

We have 2 Membership Models that addresses the annual subscription payments towards the Parent Club (Ball-Club Attaching e.V.) and the Cricket Department affiliated thereunder, and as below:

  • Employed and Full Time Members: Working and Employed:
    EUR 190 = EUR 110 [Club Fees] + EUR 80 [Cricket Department Fees], deducted once and automatically renewed.
  • Non-Employed and Non Full Time Members: We encourage Students and Refugees to join and play for us, and we have a subsidy model in place subject to the new members being able to provide evidences of their residence and work status at Germany (e.g. Immatrikulation Certificates, Ausbildung Certificates, etc.)
    EUR 147 = EUR 67 [Club Fees] + EUR 80 [Cricket Department Fees], deducted once and automatically renewed.
  • One-Time Fee: For new members, there would be this one-time fee applicable for ordering Club Jerseys like but limited to: Trousers, T-Shirts, and Caps.
    EUR 75


P.S. The ideal time for joining our Club is anywhere between October to January of any given year, so that one gets the opportunity to familiarize oneself with the Club and its incumbent members, plus gets to practice and develop skills using our indoor facilities, and be a in a position to play in the league season which typical starts during mid or end of April and continues till end of August or early September of a new calendar year.
Please further note, that the membership and annual subscription is auto-renewed. If for any reasons, you would like to terminate your membership with us, then you would need to send us a formal email with reasons behind your termination and this email needs to be sent to:, cc:, on or before 31/12 of a current league season or calendar year, so that we ensure that a future deduction of memberships fees for the next year is not accounted by the Parent Club and hence does not get billed to you.

Registration Form:

Very Important:

Please send a Passport size picture, Club Enrolment Form (download link will appear after registering), Einwilligungsklausel-DCB form to The forms are also in the download section in the home page. Students are also requested to send valid Immatrikulation via email.

The data provided will be used for player pass, ordering dress, maintaining your profile. The data is stored in azure which is GDPR compliant.